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Regulators at last have finalized the Volcker Rule, which bars banks from speculative trading. For that, they should be commended. Read more


When the Fed meets to decide its monetary policy on Wednesday, Jan. 29, we believe it should continue tapering its bond buying program and let interest rates rise. Why? Low interest rates and low inflation are having a negative impact on the vast majority of American families. Read more

Mega banks may not be the only too big to fail institutions
Thursday, December 12, 2013 @ 03:12 PM

Hark. Do you hear it? That sound of ringing bells coming from the nation’s capital as we enter the holiday season? Is it Salvation Army Santas taking to the street corners? Church campaniles playing “Carol of the Bells?” Or maybe angels getting their wings a la the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life? Read more


It’s tough being a regulator. Regulate “too much” and confront a chorus of critics who say you are constraining the public’s ability to borrow money. Regulate “too little” and you face attacks for letting irresponsible lenders make abusive loans to vulnerable borrowers. Read more


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